Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An ELF's Christmas

An ELF's Christmas - kangin superjunior - main story image


Kangin, Sheenah Choi (fictional)


Sheenah wanted to prove that she could be a great director without having her father pulling strings for her. Being a fangirl at heart, she decided to make it her first pet project. She tracks down the Super Junior members and documents their lives after the group disbanded. She finds that they found love and realized that the boy she liked was actually a Super Junior, not a fake one as she thought he was.
Kangin hated that the girl that he met when the was in military service is now trying to make a special about the SuJu's life after their group disbanded. She didn't even remember him and it hurt. To her Young-woon was a soldier who pretended to be a Super Junior.
So what happens when it's his turn to tell her his story, would she like the ending that he has in mind for his lovestory? Would she be willing to be the leading lady instead?


Sheenah Choi – director (movie/drama)
Kangin – Super Junior/Actor/MC
Super Junior
My favorite Super Junior is actually Kangin. I saw him in Hello School Girl and loved his cuteness there. I didn't even recognize him there as a SuJu until much later. I hope to make this one a very good fanfic since I love Kangin most of all. *my bias is showing*
Being a movie buff and film maker wannabe myself. I hope that I can put more of my self in Sheenah so please enjoy her since she would have my personality traits. ^.^

E.L.F. = name for fans of the Korean group SuperJunior

Kangin is doing his military service now. I miss him...
He'll be out by April next year. Yey.



  1. This is a cool project! :D Not a fan of superjunior myself but I think the plot is interesting :)

  2. Dami na talaga nahuhumaling sa mga koreans noh? bakit kaya? bakit d na lang yung mga pinoy ang tangkilikin talaga ng umangat naman ang sariling atin (char lang)

  3. I think my cousins will be really happy if they know this. I have to tell them. Hehehe. :)

  4. another Kdrama/ Kpop fan! glad to find ur blog from Filipino Blogger Worldwide.

  5. I'm starting to love superjuniors because of this :) Haha. How cute of Kangin

  6. Interesting movies. You are so into Korean movies? I hope there's English subtitle in the movie.

  7. Wala pa po itong chapters. So wag nyo muna ipamalita. Sabihin nyo na lang ang mga pamangkin friends and fellow ELFs natin ung link ng asianfanfic blog ko para they can check the others na natapos ko na.

    @provokedthoughts : I am into MOVIEs in general. Not just Korean ones ^.^ I just love the "feel good" factor they have for most of their movies. And the cinematography is almost always clean.

    I have a data of this movie and it has subtitles. Hardsub ata sha. My friend gave it to me so I dunno where the links are. ^>^

    @Rochelle, in the words of Chinggay WELCOME TO THE FANTASTIC WORLD. Pero ako VIP pa rin ako ehehe more than ELF.

  8. cute talaga ng Super Juniors. walang ugly ( chosz ) I'm not a fan but this was a cute story talaga.

  9. ^.^ Yeah. I should get around to writing it. ^.^


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