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Cook Up a Love Potion

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Eunhyuk, Mary Marjorie (fictional)


Mary wanted to cook for one person, that person was the love of her life, the man of her dreams. He was wearing an apron, a chef's hat and he was covered in flour. That was the recurring dream that she's had since she was a kid. She loved learning how to cook for the pursuit of her FLOUR Prince.

Eunhyuk feel in love with a pastry before he could even get around to admitting that he has fallen in love with the woman who made it. It was on the welcome party that Sungmin got from his parents. A pastry goddess offered him the tastiest cupcake he has ever tasted. When he asked her to cook him a batch, she refused to cook for him alone. She said she would only let one guy into her kitchen, and it had to be her stupid Flour Prince.

When he insisted she gave him one condition, "Find my Flour Prince and I will bake your wedding cake for you."

Now how was he going to ever taste her cooking when he wanted to be her prince instead?


All Suju (old and new)
All Characters from previous SuJu fanfics (see list)
Lee Hyuk-jae (Eunhyuk)

Mary Marjorie Garcia- Chef (specialty - cupcakes and cakes)

Author's Note:
Please make sure that you read these novels before you read this one. Believe me, you will get confused as to why this and that is happening if you don't And I don't answer flashback questions of people who don't know how to follow a series. Whatever your bias might be, you have to read them because some scenes of the other novels or this novel is enclosed in the other novels or in this. Cunning, right? You bet I am.

(Sungmin Bias) My Heart's Birthday

(Donghae Bias) Designing a Dreamboy
(Leeteuk Bias) Leeteuk Interlude
(Eunhyuk Bias) Cook Up a Love Potion

These are the post- Eunhyuk novels *optional to read to get what is going on in this novel but are also part of the series*
(Siwon Bias) Reunite in Love

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This story took a life of its own actually. I was thinking about this while I was making Leeteuk's story. But because of my mental block on that story, I tried to write a chapter for this story. I ended up finishing this story in less than a week. That is super fast for a slowpoke like me.

I hope that Marjorie, another officemate kerfag would love that I used her name for this story.

Let's all love our bias. Hwaiting!~

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