Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TODOS LOS SUJU - Halloween OneShot

Characters Sungmin, Donghae, Jans, Nina, Kyuhun, super junior

Description Sungmin and Donghae lose their beloveds in the middle of a dark street. What do they do?


This was my halloween oneshot. Originally posted here


SUNGMIN and Donghae didn't understand the concept of having a different holiday for the dead. In Korea, Cheusok was the time for visiting their ancestors. It was not a scary event, the family gathered at the house of the eldest son and they were able to share food, bow to their elders and play games with family members. It was also a time to pay respects to their ancestors. The men did this primarily while the women handled everything else. Sungmin's wife, Jans had suffered through her first Cheusok well. She was used to being with a big family and helping out around their house. Nina, Donghae's fiancee had a harder time since she was more of an eater than a cook.
Sungmin and Donghae however don't understand why scary holidays like Halloween and All Soul's Day appealed to their ladies.
Sungmin was wearing a Ronald Weasley outfit and Donghae was Pinochio. Nina was a princess and Jans was a witch, to match Sungmin's outfit. They wear costumes for a living so doing this seemed ordinary. But the two women were excited to go to the company costume party. Why Sungmin's dad ever agreed to hosting it, Sungmin would never understand. It was in a house that was supposed to look like a haunted house. Sungmin was just scared that the place would have molds and that Jans would inhale it. Their baby was not going to come out healthy if that was the case.
Cramped in a company car, Sungmin next to Jans and Donghae was sitting at the passenger seat. The princess was driving, Nina was not the best driver but since Donghae didn't know the way, she had to drive. They've been on the road for a while. Nina tried her best to miss potholes. But the road was rougher than she anticipated. Sungmin prayed that they would be safe.
Almost as soon as he finished praying they heard a loud sound. Sungmin had heard that before. It was a tire blowing up. Great.
Donghae and Sungmin went out to check the damage and saw that they had not one but two flat tires. Donghae sighed and looked at their outfits. “You're the wizard, can't you magically fix this?”
Do I look like I can?” he smirked.
I am sure you can handle it yourself.” Donghae teased him.
Your nose is growing.” Donghae laughed.
Let's just call someone to come and fetch us. I can't risk trying to fix this without professional help.” he saw that there was no signal. “Darn it. Can you try your phone?” he asked.
Let's ask the girls. They have local phones.” Donghae looked inside the car and screamed.
Sungmin rushed to Donghae's side and felt like crying. There was no one in the car. He tried to dial his wife's number but realized he still didn't have a signal. He called out for Jans and Donghae felt his heart was being squeezed by a cold hand. He couldn't even call out for Nina. He felt like crying but if he did, he was sure Sungmin would panic. His wife was pregnant. So he had to bes strong for his friend too.
Mahal!” he called out for Nina. His voice was breaking. Sungmin looked at him and they had to laugh. He also called out the same word.
I need to change my pet name for her, huh?” Sungmin teased.
I'll do it. You got married first.” they tried to laugh off their fear when Donghae heard Nina scream then Jans' “Oh my god!” reached their ears.
They looked around but couldn't see their beloveds. Donghae sniffed hard to try to stop his tears. He was ran towards the darkness and tried to call out for Nina. Sungmin stopped him and dragged him back to the car. “Calm down, Hae!” Sungmin felt like crying too. His wife and his baby might be in danger but if they get caught too, by whatever it was got the girls, he won't be able to rescue them.
How can you calm down at a time like this!” Sounds of screaming pain flew up in the sky and the goosebumps were growing goosebumps. Sungmin heard a phone ring inside the car. He saw that Jans left her phone at the back seat. He saw that it was an unknown number.
Hello?” he was damn near to tears.
We have your women.” the eerie voice said on the other end. He could hear wailing at the background.
Where are you?” he tried to sound tough again. He needed to since Donghae was damn near to passing out in fear.
Take the marked foot path. We'll see you underground.” the voice was that of a witch woman now.
What marked foot path?” he was confused.
Near the cliff, the is a marker, a tombstone. You will see it and know it's the right one when you see it.” the call ended and Sungmin wanted to scream in frustration. He took the phone and tried to check the nearby cliff. There was a fence to prevent cars from falling and there were fences to prevent people from falling in accidentally. He saw an odd tombstone that was near a metal gate. It read Here Lies The Path. There was skull on it and the thing had glowing red eyes. Donghae didn't want to go down without any help but it was getting colder and creepier by the minute. Sungmin wanted to be with Jans and protect her in case there were graver threats down there.
Nina needs you. Man up.” Sungmin was now Donghae's senior in life. Donghae had admired how a few months of being a husband has changed the way Sungmin was. He used to tease his friend for being such a aegyo master. But at times like this, Sungmin had more balls than he did.
Donghae puffed his chest but groaned when he saw that they had to walk at an earth path. As they walked down the path actually had glow in the dark skills, spiders and pumpkins. Sungmin had worn those things a lot. But he didn't like them in their scary forms.
When they got down at the bottom of the stairs, he saw that they were at the doorstop of a creepy old house. It looked Spanish and made out of stone. There was a woman standing at the door, not moving.
I am here for my wife. Where is she?” Sungmin said. The woman gestured to the door which moved on its own. Donghae wanted to pee.
The whole place was illuminated by random seemingly floating candles.
Sungmin walked into a group of immobile manequins. Some had elaborate life-like faces. All of them scary. Once Donghae and Sungmin got into the middle of the ballroom, the manequins started to move and close in on them. Donghae screamed, “I don't want to die before I get married!!!”
Sungmin said, “I want to be a father before I die!”
Yobo!” The lights went on and Jans was laughing with Nina onstage. The other SuJus were there in assorted costumes, of course they were laughing.
Kyuhun had the microphone, “Gotcha.” was all he said.
Sungmin didn't know whether to kill Kyuhun or grab his wife and go home. He went upstage and hugged her instead.
Donghae was not moving from the middle of the dance floor. He had a horried look on his face. Nina walked towads him and touched his face. “Sweetie, it's just a joke.”
Donghae seemed to snap out of his trance and grabbed hold of her in a fierce hug. “Don't ever do that again. I'd rather die than not be with you. Don't you ever do that again.” he let go of his tears and kissed her all over her face.
Nina smiled and held her Pinocchio.
Sungmin turned to his wife. “You thought this was going to be funny, didn't you?” he asked.
Jans put her index fingers together, pouted then did her own aegyo. “I'm sorry.” Sungmin sighed.
Just don't leave my side. I would kill all the creatures her if they try to take you from me.” Jans leg him hug her.
Did I mention that this place is really haunted?” Jans teased.
No more talking.” Sungmin kissed her.
The woman at the door looked at the couple and her eyes grew bloodier and the tears fell on her pale face. “Someday my lover will come home and I would be happy too. I would wait for him until the end of time.”

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