Thursday, December 23, 2010


Peace of mind
Favorite scent

Great friends
Great Love

Healthy Parents
New Roommate

Free heart
New Love

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I miss me too

You asked me to wait
I did
I really really 

Time lost you and me
It did
It lost you

I found you once again
I found
Out that you

The promise that you made
And asked
For me to

So you are saying now
Miss you
I miss me

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coldest Day

Puffs of white
hushed and hurried
conversations behind mittens
brisk steps while cuddling


Your hand
And the scarf
Around my neck
from your own


*It's the coldest day in Korea today. So I was inspired to make this poem. ^^ And no, I am not in Korea. I teach English to Koreans. ^^

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today you get your own justice,
but what of mine?
Should I stop rolling in my grave
and forgive you too?


If vigilance waned because of the years,
if they have forgotten my story
let there be another like me
and let it be that judge's daughter.

Love for Cowards

You are scared shitless of taking that step, opening your mouth and saying I love you to that one person who can break your heart into infinite number of pieces. So much that you can't put it back together without missing a large chunk of it. But then at the thought of walking away, of being free of that love you suffocate in the vastness of the emptiness that you feel. Right at that moment, between doubt and enlightenment, you can say, this is it for me. If I walk away from you, I'm dead. If I walk towards you, I'll be afraid forever. It's not true what they say that cowards don't have the right to fall in love. Because everyone of us is scared to loose something so precious, to not be able to be good enough for that person that we love. But then when we turn to them, face them head-on with a loop-side smile and our hearts in our throats, they won't say a word but smile a sweet shy acknowledgement that we are making the right choice in choosing to live a life full of fear. A fear that love is something you can't put into words and can't show well enough in actions. So you try and you try everyday to make that person laugh, cry, and adore you. Because you have a love that can't just move mountains but can make destiny happen.

I love she

There are no words that can be said 
No language romantic enough 
To place me and you in a story
That can be more poetic, more lyrical
Than this

I want you to be able to see me
To read these words 
And say
I love she
as much as
I love thee

*My Korean student told me about his fight with his girlfriend and he kept saying I love she despite me correcting him and saying "I love her." is the correct sentence. He seems frazzled that his girlfriend was mad at him. He knew there was sometimes they couldn't connect because he is a man and she is a woman. But it didn't diminish the fact that he loved her more than he loved himself.