Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love for Cowards

You are scared shitless of taking that step, opening your mouth and saying I love you to that one person who can break your heart into infinite number of pieces. So much that you can't put it back together without missing a large chunk of it. But then at the thought of walking away, of being free of that love you suffocate in the vastness of the emptiness that you feel. Right at that moment, between doubt and enlightenment, you can say, this is it for me. If I walk away from you, I'm dead. If I walk towards you, I'll be afraid forever. It's not true what they say that cowards don't have the right to fall in love. Because everyone of us is scared to loose something so precious, to not be able to be good enough for that person that we love. But then when we turn to them, face them head-on with a loop-side smile and our hearts in our throats, they won't say a word but smile a sweet shy acknowledgement that we are making the right choice in choosing to live a life full of fear. A fear that love is something you can't put into words and can't show well enough in actions. So you try and you try everyday to make that person laugh, cry, and adore you. Because you have a love that can't just move mountains but can make destiny happen.


  1. wow! bagong blog n naman ba to pinay? :)

  2. yeah. I am thinking of making this purely stories and poetry. All around mushiness. ^^ I just wish I can prevent people from right clicking. But oh well. ^^


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