Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Pumpkin Gyo-Soh-nim (Yaoi)

Disclaimer : May contain mature concepts not suitable for homophobes and kiddies.


This story was inspired by my crazy ELF friends who made me like EXO a bit as well. So now I am a baby ELF and a cub EXOTIC (cub since y'know WOLF etc, get it? If not you are so not a kpop fan).

Sungnine86 inspired me to write My Heart's Birthday because of her, duh, birthday and the one-shot I planned to write became my first SUJU universe fanfic. It was followed by several others and many of which are still not finished. Some already have ideas/concepts in them but I think I would have to add Henry, Han Geng and Zhou in the mix as well since they are also included. I didn't add them to the original mix but I plan to later on.

Anyway going back to this yaoi fanfic. The pairing is TaoMin. And I was always a fan of yaoi MANGA. But I wrote novels and fanfics of the hetero kind, because it's easier. So I though it would be cool and challenging to try to write yaoi. And so here is my first one. I didn't mind the format of official novels, word count and such and just let the story flow out of me. Sometimes there are just stories like that, right?

So this is not a model novel for you to read. But this is a fanfic so sometimes the formal stuff just gets chucked out of the window.

I am writing Jiyongie's Maknae as well. That is my second yaoi fic but I think this would not come out as fast as MPG did. MPG was a consuming fanfic. It wanted to be written whether I was at work or not. >.<

I had fun writing it thought. So I hope you will too.