Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Heart's Birthday


Sungmin, Jans (fictional), Donghae, Eunhyuk, Super Junior


Sungmin wanted a quiet vacation in the Philippines. But his parents have wedding plans lined up to stop him from dating around and picking the wrong girl. Before he knows it he's caught between enjoying the beach, avoiding falling for the girl they set him up with and trying to keep his friends from pouncing on his fiancee!


Talk to us, dude. That is why we are here.”
By the end of the month, I have to make sure that I am not in-love with a girl who is giving these disturbing laughter, poking smiles and this really really uncomfortable feeling that I can't say no to her. If I fall in love with her, I would have to marry her. That or my father would disown me and Sungyin, break my mother's heart and I have to live with the fact that I am going to loose a really nice fangirl.”
Whoa.” Donghae and Eunhyuk have been friends for more than a decade so they usually do “twin reactions”.
I have some bad news for you, prince.” Donghae was smirking at him. He looked Eunhyuk and they shared another telephatic moment. “You are already falling for this girl. And from the way that you look and the things that you said, you are falling hard and falling without so fast, you are barely aware that you are already there.”
There where?” he was thinking that they might just be right and he needed to figure it out to reverse things.
The point of no return.” Eunhyuk cut it. “For some people it takes time. But for some, like you, the point is from the time you stop thinking she common and the moment that you felt your first poke. It doesn't matter if you hate the idea of liking her. You already do.”


He finally got the vacation that he had asked, begged and pleaded for. But it turns out his trip to the Philippines was not as free as he thought it would be. His parents have been against his chosen career from the get-go and they were able to give him the worst gift for his birthday ever. A fiaancée!
Sungmin was done for if he would not able to ward of this gold-digging girl and get back to Korea single!
Jans was over the moon when she found out that her sister's new boss was actually Sungmin oppa's father. She was waiting to get hired as an employee in their company when she was told that they had a special assignment for her. She had to pretend to be the fiaancée of her favorite Super Junior. She was excited to spend private time with her idol but soon finds out that there is more to Sungmin than meets the eye.
Discover how music and love frees Sungmin's heart. But would it be in time for wedding bells or just after Jans gets her fangirl heart broken? Stay tuned for “My Heart's Birthday”

Bazooka Janes – Jans band
Jans - bass,
Ninz (Jans's bessie)- drums
and Jen (Jans sis) – vocals/percussions
Author's Note:
This is a story that I made for my officemate and teammate, Jans. It's her birthday today! ^.^ Yey! (August 19, 2011)
Happy Birthday, Jans!
I hope you like it. ^.^
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  1. and i thought this is actually a movie. i was looking forward to finish it to see link at the bottom.hehe nice story you got there.

  2. You would have to forgive the grammar and typos. Di ko pa na-eedit yan. ^.^ I am thinking delikado ilagay sha sa blogger kasi lam mo na daming copy paste humans. ^.^

  3. Pero malamang pagna-edit ko na to ipopost ko rin dito. ^>^

  4. WOW! nice story ha. I liked it.

  5. iba talaga ang galing ni Pinaywriter! i'm happy to know you for a long time na!

  6. Indie Movie ba to? Parang maganda sya :) Anatayin ko final draft nito ha :D

  7. pwede nang pang start yung premise..

  8. great story you've got there! I am not really into Korea novela's but my wife really digged this one.

  9. are you the one who wrote the script?..intersting ah...great story

  10. Awww. It's a short story pala.haha. Nice!

  11. wow talagang gusto nia mgvacation dito

  12. happy birthday then to ur ofcm8 yey!

  13. I thought, this article is about your special someone's bisrthday. Lol!

  14. @Kiko : Kamsamnida! (Thank you in Koryan) Shempre noh! Wala pa rin ako sa galing mo tumula in tagalog. Ahahah Achilles' heel ko talaga un.

    @Simurgh: ^.^ Uhm...buo na po ung story actually. ^.^ Pero I plan to write this in Filipino para sa writing group ko. ^.^

    @Ads: Pareho kami ng hilig ni misis ahahah ^.^

    @PT: Opo, I am the one who wrote it. I am glad you found it interesting. People have been telling me it's typical pero romance novels are often cliche I have stopped depending it ahahah.

    @michy... : It's a novel. ^.^ You can read the rest of it sa link. Nasa Asian fanfics kasi siya so I just linked it. Draft pa sha super daming mali mali ehehe saka ko na lang susundin ung advice ung nagreview.

    @chrisair : Actually many korean idols/actors have gone to Bora for vacy. ^.^

    @McRICH : Thank you daw po. Ligayang-ligaya nga siya nung nabasa nya yan eheheh

    @Jyppe: It is. ^.~ Close kami ng girl named Jans eheh. Pero I get that it's kind confusing. ^.^

  15. wow, nice story you have, you're a talented and creative writer. and, i love korean tele series and hopefully yours... abangan namin ! :)

  16. @myrnz : Salamat po! Wala po akong balak maging scriptwriter eheheh. Mahirap ung. Pero I am a playwright by...training. ^.^

  17. Nice! I was a playwright before.. but I guess, passing fancy ko lang xa.. ng move nako sa ibang medium.. hahaha! tuloy mo lang yan

  18. Nice Story! Gagawin bang Movie ito?

  19. @Simurgh: Yeah I will. ^.^ Pero sa 2013 na siguro.

    @JR: Thanks. And no.


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