Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Designing a Dreamboy


Donghae, Ninz (fictional), super junior


Ninz had moved on from her fangirl days. She was a reputable interior designer in an international firm. She was designing celebrity houses and international bigwigs and she was not going to let anyone destroy her track record. So when her friend Jans asks her to design the house she would live in with ex-SuJu idol and future husband Sungmin Lee, she stacked her reputation on making the best house for them.
The only problem was Donghae was there.
She had loved and adored him when he was an idol. He broke her heart when she met him in person. If it was possible to salvage their friendship, she would skip Jans' wedding to Sungmin. But she couldn't. She was the designer, the maid of honor and unfortunately, Donghae was the best man.


Please read My Heart's Birthday  before you read this story. Otherwise you won't get some parts of the story.
I hope that Nina, the girl behind the character Ninz would like it. ^.^
Characters :
Donghae – Ex SuJu
Ninz – interior designer
all characters from My Heart's Birthday
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