Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reunite In Love

Reunite in Love - korean mystery romance siwon spy superjunior - main story image


Siwon, Yu-ri, super junior


Yu-ri has a secret. It's a secret that can make or break the unification plans of the two Koreas. She flees to China where she encounters a missionary who can help her come to South Korea.
Siwon has been working as missionary on the surface but had secretly been using his connections in the military and local government to get North Korean women into South Korea.
Yu-ri was just supposed to be one of many. But as the danger of moving her from China to South Korea increases, Siwon is forced to marry a woman with a mysterious past and who smelled like jasmines.
Characters :
Choi Siwon (29) - missionary / human rights advocate / former SuJu
Yu-ri (White Jasmine) (25) - North Korean / background : clouded
Super Junior


A/N: Hi, reader. Let me stop you right here. You need to read the other SuJu fanfics before you read this one. Most especially, you need to read Heechul's Protecting Hera. There are pther things that are not going to make sense until you read that one. And vice versa. There are also some references that are made as it pertains to the other Suju novels. I think you might want to see these especially Eunhyuk's Cook up a love Potion since Siwon and Hana appears there for the first time.
(Donghae Bias) Designing a Dreamboy (complete)
(Leeteuk Bias) Leeteuk Interlude (incomplete as of 101311
(Eunhyuk Bias) Cook Up a Love Potion (complete)
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An article inspired me to make a story about a story about a woman who escapes to China and bumps into a Kpop idol there for a show and missionary work. She does her best to beg him to help her defect and get out of China safely. He decides to pretend that she is his secret wife.
Against North Korean spies who are out to get her to take her back to her homeland, the fans who don't like her and the brewing love that is between them, would she be safe at all?
I have never written a romance-action novel before and I want to try it with this one. There are still a few more things that I need to research about Siwon and that would take time. I'll just keep this information here so I don't forget about what I want to do.

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