Thursday, December 1, 2011

Isko Lar's Elbizen Experience : The Series

I had wanted to write about this kid who started going to UPLB and mix it up with advice for people who are going to UPLB as freshies. But the times have changed, they have systemONE and already have to go through so many things that are not the same as the ones that I experienced. I can still write about the in general kind of advice but I can't get into any more specifics. So I am thinking of putting more fiction into the things that I started out in my Isko Lar's Diary: Elbizen Experience blog into a series that talks about Isko's life. It's reminiscent of Seventeen's Vince Life. ^.^

Wait till you meet Isko. He's a hoot. In my head he looks like HP only more real. ^.^

The original entries where in Filipino since I wanted the Freshies to be able to understand it. But I will change them into English so that more students or people can read it. If you are not a big fan of English, make sure to have tissue available. It's about to get bloody, yo.

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  1. HP!! Only he's real???
    ho ho!! this is interesting

  2. I have spirit guides too so I am thinking this might come in handy if I show the two lives my brother and I had to lead while we were in UPLB. ^.^ My brother can see things that are not supposed to be there. And it was a bio student in UPLB. So go figure how hard it was in the beginning living in a dorm with ghosts.


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