Monday, December 12, 2011

Grateful Feet

You don't see a single pair of footsteps
Ahead of you or behind you
At the beach, on the muddy street
Or the fields that men have tilled

There is always someone in front of you
And those who are left behind
Trying their best to catch up
And fit their feet in your footprints

Sometimes those feet are bigger than yours
And you feel like yours can't fill the space
But there are others too that are the right fit
Feel like your feet belongs there

Ignoring the pain of walking that long
Is a tedious task at best
It's fine to whine, bend and stretch
As you as you do not forget to take another step

Towards the future, the end of that horizon
Where you will realize and will see
That there are most footprints in front of you
But look back and see that yours will be filled out too.


My feet has been suffering lately and I realized that I don't feel bad when they do. Because they remind me that I went somewhere and had done something when I could just as easily said no and stayed curled up in my bed. I am not depressed or anything. I am just lazy at times.

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