Friday, December 23, 2011

Dragon's Muse

science fiction, romance

Years after Big Bang disbanded, Jiyong finds himself running Grand Dragon Talent (GDT) and writing songs for new talents. He has a major problem though, he hasn't been able to complete a single song in months! It was a good thing he had so many others and were able to use them for the new album that his friend Tempo was releasing.

One drunken night in his composer rut, he stumbles upon a beautiful girl who helps him get back to his apartment. All that he could remember was that she promised to help him get his passion back.

Now how could an amazon girl do that? Beat the notes out of him?

Characters :

Tala (fictional) – origins unknown
Kwon Jiyong – G-Dragon (29) talent manager/composer/singer/rapper
Choi Seung-hyeon – rapper/actor
Big Bang cameos
YG family cameos
Jin-young (inventor) – works at GDT


If you notice I put Filipino stuff in my fanfic. (if not, you clearly haven't read some of my first SuJu fanfics)

Tala means “star” in Filipino. It's a name given to a girl.

I wish that people would know more about me and my culture in small ways in my writing, you should do that same. ^.^

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