Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waiting's End

The lady looked beyond the banks
Where the water hits the rocks
Flowing salty tears go down
And joined the sea at once
Her sun-kissed hair flying
As her soul stared dying
Thinking that beyond this sea
Her beloved holds with no glee
The duty to save the country
And fears as she strokes her hair gently
"That he will not return to me
With the same love I used to see
In his dark beautiful eyes
A love that never dies."
Gradually he walks 
Stepping on the sand and tiny rocks
Decided to meet a deadly stop
To her endless sobs
Across the vast waters
A man lies on the ground, his mind yonder
He dies with this last breath
She drowns with this last thought, 
"Forgive me, my love
For I made you wait too long."

Original : 07/09/2001 9:22 a.m. 

This is one of my super old poems. They were written when I was in high school. When I was in college I made a Filipino version of this for a class. I would have to unearth it before I can post it. Lately, I have been wondering where all my old poetry writing self went. Maybe she is still around here somewhere. I'll find her. And maybe return the semblance of my old self once more, my realistic view of the world and the poetry that I lost in the past might just save me from going back to my old cynical self. 

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