Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big B Series Book 1 : Yongbae's Song

Jaime had one dream , to be a GY talent and a famous Korean idol. There was only one problem, she was neither a singer nor was she 100% Korean. Her only chance to stay in Korea was to be an English teacher to a bunch of misfits in a high school in a far-flung South Korean town.
Yongbae was living the dream, he was GY talent and a famous Korean idol. There was only one problem, he had mandatory military training and was assigned to go a remote town and help build a school. He meets the quirky Jaime while he stays there and finds that love can be found in the strangest places.
Teaser Line: “Not a chance in hell. I stole you from death once. You survived not to sing again. You survived so I could love you until the day I die.” 

Author's note: I am planning to finish the five novels first before I submit it anywhere. I hope you offer me your help by telling me if me kulang or kung me gusto kayong ipaayos sa kwento. I will consider your comments and maybe improve on the novel in the future. Kahmsamnida!~
- PW

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