Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Above The Tide

Someone wrote my name on the sand once.
He didn't remember to make sure
That the waves would not take it
So he lost me

There would be another
Who would remember to write it
Just above the water
And far enough for no tide to wash it away

Because a love written in the sand
Can be taken by wind
Can be washed away by water
A cherished heart however binds

For now I wait
Look longingly at those who has
Their names changed and bound
To a man who wrote their love on the sand

My super kuya-like friend Michael married a girl after my own heart. She makes me feel like it's true that we will match well with someone who compliments us. And I can't wait to be a ninang. *waits impatiently*

2011 update : They are infantcipating!!!

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  1. As I marked her name on the sand, I knew that the waves will sweep it away, away that the waters will feel what I truly feel for her... for wherever I go, my love for her will continue to flow until eternity.


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