Sunday, January 22, 2012

To Have Everything

I missed blogging this on her birthday and their wedding anniversary. I hope they forgive me for the delay.
Belated Happy birthday and belated happy anniversary. And to top all that, congratulations!

To Have Everything 

To have everything is what every person craves
We are greedy creatures even when we deny that we are
I always thought that love was something to have
But the day I met you all wanting stopped

I knew that hunger was something I could forget
And that time is something that flies when I am simply staring
Dreaming stopped being enough 
To have you in my life is all of them coming true

I never thought that we could be an us.
Once there was just you and me,
Now that you have given, more than a man can wish for
I know what it is to be full

It's always been my wish to be able to rhyme
Perhaps that is why God made me a romantic
Still the words escape me and I chose to act
Then again there are poets for friends to rely on

To have you is like never being tired
Of shouting in the middle of a crowded street 
That I would love you for all of my lifetimes
To have you with me to the end of all time

There is no other treasure but YOU
There is no other life but OURS
There is no other wish but this 
That you feel that having me is enough.


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